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My Pledge To You

I, Cristina Giordano am a certified massage therapist and a member of the Associated Body and Massage Professionals Association. I have more than 12 years of management experience and enjoys being around people.

My goal is to set forth high standards and provide all levels of a professional massage by promoting healing and well being through responsible, compassionate, and respectful touch. As a member of the Associated Body Work and Massage Professionals I hereby pledge to abide by the ABMP Code of Ethics as outlined below.

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I Pledge to Abide by the Professional Code of Ethics

• Client Relationships
I shall endeavor to serve the best interests of my clients at all times and to provide the highest quality service possible.
I shall maintain clear and honest communication with my clients and shall keep client communication confidential.
I shall acknowledge the limitation of my skills and when necessary refer clients to the appropriate qualified health care professional.
I shall in no way instigate or tolerate any kind of sexual advance while acting in massage bodywork.

• Professionalism
I shall maintain the highest standards of professional conduct in an ethical and professional manner in relation to my clientele, business associates, health care professionals and general public.
I shall refrain from any use of mind-altering drugs or alcohol prior to doing any professional sessions.

• Scope of Practice/Appropriate Techniques
I shall provide services within the scope of the ABMP definition of massage or bodywork and the limits of my training.
I will not employ massage or body work that I have not had accurate training.
I shall represent my education, training and qualifications honestly.
I shall not perform manipulations or adjustments of the human skeletal structure, diagnose prescribe or provide any other service procedure I am not licensed to prescribe.


During the Nurses Week of 2004 I had an opportunity of securing services to help us recognize our nursing staff here at the hospital at The University of Pennsylvania. One who volunteered her time was Cristina Giordano. She willingly took an assignment for several nursing units, and worked tirelessly to meet everyone's needs for hours on end. Verbal feedback from the nurses she came in contact with:

"Consistently positive throughout the day, despite a few inconveniences, She remained professional as well as supportive to her peers and the nursing leadership committee. Cristina is most certainly a strong asset and has a tender touch for massage therapy through the standard that she demonstrates." — Cathy Schaatz, MSNRNC

"I recently came in for a massage with Cristina. After I was floating on air for days. I just wanted to thank Cristina for her wonderful services and for a relaxing venture. I'm sure I'll be back for more."  — Kit