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Mike G.
US Laurel NJ
Cristina is very well educated LMT, her knowledge of connective tissue and trigger points are among the best I have experienced. Dealing with chronic shoulder pain and severely restricted motion for over 8 months I gave Cristina a try after my regular LMT retired. Within three visits I had regained 80% of my motion & a huge reduction in pain. Her caring nature allows you to relax & receive the healing work. No two visits are the same, she is extremely intuitive and adjusts her approach based upon the nature of the injury or physical stress. She is the first LMT I've met skilled in applying kinesio-tape which also helped in my recovery. Trust the process, her professional skill set is exceptional.

Tony in Mount
US Laurel NJ
If you are active in sports / martial-arts you will love the benefits of Inner Balance Massage. I was very lucky to find Christina as a massage therapist. She knows where to find all the sore/trouble spots (even ones you may not have been previously aware of) and not just how to relieve them but just as important her kindness and caring is evident throughtout the treatment. I am in my late 40s and my activity and stresses often make me sore and tight, resulting in pain. Then I know I'm overdue with an appointment with Christina.

She is very thourough, working out all your trouble areas and her comprehensive knowledge of the body shows in her work, not just muscles but trigger / pressure points and how to relieve your pain, soreness and tightness through a combination of massage and if you request, stretching therapy. I tried other therapists before but Christina is the one that has helped me the most, I highly recommend her. Her friendly demeanor makes communication easy and so you can make each session just as you want it. The enivornment is very calm and soothing and you can just enter a state of total relaxation while she works her magic. Highest recommendation!

Chuck McQueary

Cristina provides a holistic approach to massage therapy addressing stress points and sore muscles while providing a relaxing environment. Cristina truly cares for the wellbeing of her clients. Inner Balance can be the place to re-charge your batteries.

Cristina has helped my back immensely over the past few months. Her stretching techniques have taught me how to minimize discomfort and help strengthen my lower back. Thanks Cristina!

I've been visiting Cristina for about a year, and it's made a world of difference in my neck, shoulders, back, and general well-being. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, and ready to face whatever life has to throw at me. Cristina is professional, highly knowledgeable and passionate about her chosen profession. I'd recommend her to anyone.

Tim LaCerra
As a business owner, I use massage as a vital point in my life for stress relief. I have gone to many individuals and all the "chain" places. Cristina is the most well-versed massage therapist I have ever been too, and I have been to a lot. She is kind, thoughtful, attentive and most importantly, she loves what she does and it shows in her work. If you are looking for the best massage of your life, call will be glad you did!

Chuck S.
Cristina was a wonderful find, I have been working in NJ from out of town and was having major problems with my back and shoulders and not able to sleep at night because of the pain. After trying a couple of other places I was ready to give up and go find a chiropractor, but after an appointment with Cristina I noticed a huge improvement. The pain was gone and I was able to sleep through the night. She is one of the best massage therapist I have been to. I even gained back mobility in my left shoulder that my chiropractor had not been able to do. Thank you so much Cristina! :)

Joe Lender
Marlton US
I had numerous massages from Christine and there is no one better! She is kind, always is willing to listen, and you feel 10X better after your massage!!!!!

Jeniffer of Mount Laurel
I've been a customer of Inner Balance for over Seven years. I consider massage therapy a vital part of my wellness. It's an investment in ME. The atmosphere is wonderful and Christina is professional and passionate about wellness. I leave each session feeling refreshed and relaxed.. Both of which are essential to allowing me to be there for myself and my family. I would recommend Inner Balance to anyone that needs to invest in their wellness and desires a wonderful experience while doing so.

Francine Faltz
Voorhees, NJ, US
Just wanted to take a moment out of the busy day to commend Kristina with her talent and ability to make me feel alive with her words of wisdom and her magical hands. Kristina, you have always given me wonderful massages with advise to assure a healthy lifestyle. However, I must give you a thousand thanks for not only fitting me in your busy "book," but also helping me relieve the pain in my neck and back one morning. I was in so much pain and you helped me feel refreshed and painless again with a few minutes of your great massage technique. Thank you!!!!!!!

South Jersey, NJ, US
I am very pleased to highly recommend Christina In addition to being a great therapist, she is a genuinely very nice person. I started getting monthly massages from her about 5 years ago, as a way to relax and reduce stress - Between her ability to give a different and enjoyable massage along with a friendly light back and forth conversation, I always leave relaxed and in a better frame of mind.

Bob Healey
The only person I let work on me. Great massage therapist!

Philip LiVolsi
Marlton, NJ, VI
Awesome Massage, Awesome Masseuse

Ed Celiesius
Yardley, PA, US
Love the place! I've been going to her for years. Christina is always on time! Never have to wait. She's very flexible with my schedule changes. Most importantly gives a wonderful, professional massage!!

Medford, NJ, US
Frequently when I visit Inner Balance, I am overdue and in pain. My problem is immediately solved when I leave and I am a new revitalized person. Thank you, Christina

Mt. Ephraim, NJ, US
When you enter the studio you instantly relax and are taken far away from the problems of the day. Christina provides a massage that is focused on eliminating tension and restoring balance. I always walk away feeling more freedom in my muscles and joints and relief from my chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain.


Bob Maier
Mount Laurel, NJ US
I highly recommend Christina. I have been enjoying her massages for over seven years. Her studio provides a restful setting for your massage. She is always learning new techniques that will enable her to better serve our clients.

Woodbury, NJ, US
Cristina has truly mastered the art of massage. I've gone to her for regular massages and prenatal. She is very focused and attentive. Her massage room is clean and relaxing. The prices are great and the costumer service is even better! She is always willing to accommodate my busy schedule! My husband has also used Cristina, being a big guy he was very pleased that she could give the right amount of pressure he needed. I love going to see her! I highly recommend Inner Balance for all your massage therapy needs!

Jay O
Marlton, NJ US
Cristina, As you know, Kathy and I have seen other massage therapists over the past 15 years or so. But the last 6 or 7 years seeing you have been wonderful. Our bi-weekly visits are the highlight of our week! Thank you. Jay

Rex McWilliams
Westampton, Nj, US
Great professional massage by a sweet, hard working lady!

Cherryhill US
Christine is fantastic service is professional relaxing. Well worth every pepenny I recomend this service to anyone one who needs to ge away and needs to feel. Refresh five stars

Scott Taylor
Medford US
Christina's massage expertly balances a therapeutic sports massage with swedish relaxation techniques. The massage changes every visit based on what my body is telling her. I leave there feeling renewed and invigorated, but comlpetely relaxed. I should have made this time for myslef long ago.

Joe Mc Carrie
Great message the best for deep tissue

Ruth Walsh
Marlton, NJ, US
Salons may offer many services, but for anyone like myself who only wants a relaxing massage, nothing has come close to the experience I have everytime I see Christine. From my first appointment, 3 years ago, Christine has made me feel like we have been long time friends. The atmosphere sets up for the unique experience which she provides. There is never a rushed feeling and you leave there with a true feeling of relaxation, inside and out. If you are looking for an hour (or 2) away from the world without the hectic enviroment of a salon, Inner Balance is the way to go.

Mike M
Medford, NJ, US
Cristina, i just wanted to write you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful massage today and your sincere sensitivity and caring nature in your selfless conversation, and very special and gift with your hands brings so much joy and peace to those you massage. I can't think of no one else whom I would ever want to receive the joy of massage therapy from. Thanks again and I do so look forward to seeing you again for another realizing experience and pleasant conversation. God Bless!

James B. Jefferson
Medford, NJ, US
As a licensed well coach and certified personal trainer I have searched the entire area for the best services fort my clients and friends. Without a doubt Inner Balance Body Massage is top in the are for Massage Therapy. Cristina is professional, knowledgable and very caring in her service and business. I highly recommend her and her business to anyone looking to balance their lives and feel better inside and out.

Andrea T
Moorestown, NJ, US
I have had two shoulder surgeries and have had many months of Phyiscal Therapy before and after both surgeries. Always the therapists said it was the muscle and I needed muscle massage that they were not able or willing or qualified to provide. I found Cristina and can't believe the relief and progress I have made. Cristina has accomplished more for providing me with relief and mobility in a few sessions then the many months of physical therapy. Doctors should advise massage over ridiculous weights and bands. The personal physical and mental relief and the success have made me a life long client of Cristina. She is without a doubt the BEST in her field.

Julie Moon
Shamong, NJ, US
I had a such a wonderful experience at my prenatal massage! It was the most relaxed and comfortable I felt since I found out I was pregnant! I felt like a pampered and cared for! I will definitely be asking my husband when I can go back!!

Bob Jacobs
Pennsauken, NJ, US
Cristina just a note to let you know how fantastic your massages are. Your professionalism and training are the best in the business. Plus you are a genuinely nice person who really cares about her clients and people in general. Keep up the great work and best of luck in growing even larger in your business.

Christina, I just want to thank you so much for the birthday party you created for my daughter and her friends. It was really an incredible experience for all of them. Thank you for the personal attention you gave each one of the girls. It was such a special experience thanks to you!

Christina is AMAZING! I look forward to my appointments and I always leave feeling relaxed and in a really good mood. It's always good to find someone who loves what they do and pride themselves doing a good job it means that the service is that much better. She's just general good energy!!

Mark M.
Mount Laurel, NJ, US
Christina is an integral part of my health and fitness program. She demonstrates the ability to tailor her massage technique to aid in my recovery from various forms of intense exercise. I always feel great after a session and leave her office knowing that I am prepared for the next physical challenge that I need to undertake. Not only do I value Christina's massage technique, but her knowledge & insights on the subject are incredibly informative.

Samantha D
Cherry Hill NJ US
This site is wonderful and so easy to use. I am so excited to come in the studio. I have heard such great things about you and can't wait to meet you.

Moorestown NJ US
Cristina is AMAZING!! I felt like I was in HEAVEN for an hour.. the feeling lasted long after my massage. She has a magic touch!

Nancy H
Cherry Hill US
Cristina is a wonderful person and an excellent massage therapist. Try her HOT STONE Massage and be PAMPERED! When you enter her lovely massage room you can forget about the outside world and turn yourself over to her skilled and strong hands. Iam definitely a regular client. 3-14-2010

Mt Laurel NJ US
I ve been getting weekly massages from Cristina. Every time I get a massage. I leave relaxed and refreshed..and my back has never felt better....Thank you so much...Ron

Michael Dym
Marlton NJ US
There is nothing more relaxing and therapeutic than a massage by Cristina. I have been a client of hers for a few years now, and agter trying many massage therapists, I have found her touch and clinical benefits to me quitew wonderful and highly superior to other massage therapists I have seen. She has a magic touch!! Michael

Kathy OBrien
Marlton NJ US
My husband and I have been getting weekly massages from Cristina for several years. Weve had massages from other local therapists and when on vacation;but no one compares to Cristina. Her massages are very relaxing and we look forward to them every week!!

Medford NJ US
I recently came in for a massage with Cristina. I was floating on air for days. I just waned to thanks Cristina for the wonderful serviece for relaxing experience. Im sure I'll be back for more...Thanks

Mario Moriano
Malboro NJ US
To whom it may concern, I have accompanied Inner Balance Body Massage for approzimately two years and has found Cristina Giordano to be efficent reliable individual in which I have acquired for stress relief therapy. Whenever I endure a complex day or overwhelm with work, my first objective is to manke an appointment. Cristina looks out for my well being. She is the best and well versed in her craft. Go and see Cristina you will not be disappointed. Thanks again for the wonderful experiences...already looking forward to my next massage...

Marie Mulder
Moorestown NJ US
I have had an absolute wonderful/intoxicating massage from Cristina. She is very professional and is well versed in her craft. After I got my massage. I noticied right away that I was less tense and had a better mobility. She truly is worth going to see. I will continue to go to Cristina for the reasons above. Thanks for the awesome service. Thank you! I will be back.

Bob Jacobs
Pennsauken NJ US
Cristina, Just a note to let you know how fantastic your massages are. Your professionalism and training are the best in the business. Plus you are a genuinely nice person who cares about her clients and people in general.

Marlton NJ US
Just want to send you a special thank you! Your massage was incredible. It is obvious that you take great pride in your work and it shows. For anybody out there that is unsure where to go for a massage...Look no further, I have tried more than a handful of therapists in the last three years but Cristina, is by far the BEST! You'll feel total relaxation from the time you enter the room until the time your massage is over.

Alan Teitelman
Barrington NJ US
Hi, Cristina. I just thought I would share my experience with others. As you know I suffer from back, neck, and shoulder pain as well as TMJ as a result of an auto accident. These problems are compounded by the stress of owing and operating a very successful business as well as going through a divorce.. I saw Crisint for a a 90 deep tissue massage ... I can not explain it but I had no problem sleeping and functioning with every day life for at least 2-3 weeks before even a hint of pain returned...Cristina has a gift and it truly helped me and I surely will return and recommend her to others... In fact I already have... Thanks

Alyssa H
Cristina is a very professional, knowledge and also makes you feel comfortable and at ease when getting a massage from her. I feel great when I leave there that my aches and worries are gone! Thanks, Alyssa

Marlton, NJ, US
Loved, loved, the massage! Cristina, you are amazing!

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